Sohar International the Strategic Partner for the upcoming Oman Forum 2024

Muscat, 22 April 2024: With a strong aspiration to serve as a significant catalyst in
propelling the economy of the Sultanate, Sohar International, the fastest-growing bank
in Oman, is supporting the 12th edition of the Oman Forum as the strategic partner. This
year’s forum will center around the theme of Sustainability, Innovation, and Inclusive
Growth, and it will take place under the auspices of H.E. Sheikh Salim bin Mustahil Al
Mashani, Advisor at the Diwan of Royal Court, on April 29, 2024, at the Sheraton Oman
Hotel. Over 200 leaders from the government, private sector, SMEs, civil society, and
youth segments will engage in a highly interactive conversation. Thought leaders,
including top business leaders and C-Suite executives from leading business groups
and listed companies in Oman, alongside policymakers who shape our futures, will
interact with the next generation of leaders, including SMEs and upcoming young
executives. The upcoming Oman Forum will feature two engaging panel discussions.
Representing the bank, Mr. Khalil Salim Al Hedaifi, Chief Government and Private
Banking Officer of Sohar International, will attend the forum alongside other members of
the bank’s executive management.

Commenting on Sohar International’s sponsorship of the Oman Forum 2024, Mr. Khalil
Salim Al Hedaifi, Chief Government and Private Banking Officer, stated, “Sohar
International is proud to participate in the upcoming Oman Forum, a pivotal platform
driving discussions on sustainable economic development. This forum underscores the
imperative for Oman’s growth trajectory, touching upon critical themes such as GDP
expansion, innovation, and environmental stewardship. We believe that forums like
these are instrumental in charting Oman’s path towards a prosperous and sustainable
future, harnessing innovation across sectors like technology, energy, banking, venture
capital, and logistics. Together, we will leverage this platform to catalyze growth,
empower entrepreneurs, and drive positive change in Oman’s economic landscape. By
supporting this initiative, Sohar International reaffirms its commitment to fostering a
resilient economy through strategic partnerships and investments, therefore serving as
a significant catalyst in propelling the national economy. “
Established in 2011, the Oman Forum stands as a leading interactive platform designed
to serve as a catalyst, enabling open interactions among diverse stakeholders to
discuss pivotal regulatory developments, provide updates and feedback on growth
plans and initiatives, and explore opportunities for sustainable and inclusive economic
progress and social development. Mr. Khalil Salim Al Hedaifi, Chief Government and
Private Banking Officer of Sohar International, will participate in a panel discussion at
the forum. The 12th edition’s first panel will focus on ‘Charting a Roadmap to

Sustainable Growth,’ delving into critical topics such as GDP growth, Foreign Direct
Investment (FDI), cross-sectoral development, job creation, innovation-led economy,
and an Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) framework. This discussion will offer
valuable insights into Oman’s strategic vision for sustainable economic development.
The second panel will spotlight Oman’s ambitious commitment to achieving net-zero
emissions by 2050. Titled ‘Charting a Roadmap to Net Zero,’ this session will highlight
the urgency of transitioning to a net-zero economy, promoting renewable energy
sources, leveraging Oman’s potential in Green Hydrogen, integrating sustainability
across sectors with eco-friendly technologies, and fostering collaboration among
stakeholders including corporate entities, civil society, academia, and government
bodies. Additionally, the forum will present case studies on innovation-based
businesses by the new generation of entrepreneurs and ecosystem enablers in the
areas of technology, energy, banking, venture capital, and logistics. Join us as we
explore Oman’s journey towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.
Sohar International has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to strengthening the
national economy and contributing to the comprehensive development of Oman,
exhibiting unwavering dedication to these values. As part of this commitment, the bank
has supported various initiatives that embody these principles, consistently
demonstrating its resolute efforts to foster growth in the business landscape, promote
entrepreneurship and innovation, and advance the cause of sustainable development.

About Sohar International
With the vision to become a world-class Omani services company that helps customers,
community and people to prosper and grow, Sohar International operates with a purpose to
help people ‘win’ by delivering responsive banking for their ever-changing world,
complementing their growth and prosperity with international standard service delivery. The
Bank seeks to redefine banking in Oman through transformational developments centred on
the principles of More Velocity, making everything simple and fast; More Value, ensuring
relevance and connectivity to customers’ world; and More Vision, liberating stakeholders
through talented leadership.

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