Bank Nizwa Provides Aid to Families Affected by Recent Adverse Weather

In line with its firm commitment to social responsibility

21 April, Muscat: Reaffirming its dedication to corporate citizenship, and its commitment to
community welfare, Bank Nizwa, the most-trusted Islamic bank in the Sultanate of Oman,
has pledged OMR 100,000 as aid for the families impacted by the recent adverse weather

This philanthropic gesture comes in response to the national call for support, and comes as
a fundamental component of the bank’s corporate social responsibility framework that
reflects its ongoing dedication to the welfare of the community. The funds will be disbursed
through the Omani Charitable Works Authority, a reputed organization renowned for its
impactful welfare initiatives dedicated to uplifting communities in need.
Bank Nizwa’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sheikh Khalid Abdullah Ali Al Khalili,
emphasized, “This initiative underscores the deep-rooted Islamic values and principles that
guide our actions at Bank Nizwa. Just as in principle where if one part of the body suffers,
the rest of the body responds with vigilance and care, our commitment to supporting the
affected families reflects the essence and identity of our institution. We firmly believe that
addressing the challenges posed by climate extremes is a collective duty shared by all
sectors – public, private, and charitable organizations alike. In these trying times, our hearts
go out to all those impacted by the recent climatic conditions in the Sultanate. We stand in
solidarity with the community, hoping that our contribution will help alleviate their burdens
and restore a sense of normalcy.”

Bank Nizwa’s philanthropic initiatives are integral to its corporate social responsibility
framework, aligning seamlessly with its sustainability agenda. As an ardent proponent of
social progress, the bank endeavours to deepen its community partnerships through its CSR
efforts, thereby contributing to the socio-economic advancement of the nation.
As the leading Islamic bank in the country, Bank Nizwa goes beyond its role as a financial
entity, demonstrating a resolute commitment to the welfare of the communities it serves.
By extending meaningful support, the bank aims to foster an environment where the people
of Oman can thrive. Additionally, Bank Nizwa encourages fellow organizations and
customers to join in extending support and compassion to those grappling with the
aftermath of adverse weather conditions.

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