Established in 2007 Oman Vistas is a leading Digital PR webportal of the Sultanate of Oman, focused on digital PR for businesses in Oman, to communicate effectively with their target audiences.

Founded and edited by Deepak Nair, an accomplished communications professional, with over three decades of professional experience, Oman Vistas is also a part of Oman’s leading digital marketing company Interactive Digital Media Technologies LLC.

Digital PR is the most successful online marketing strategy nowadays, used by businesses to increase their online presence and to boost their sales. According to Google digital PR gets massive results, especially when it’s paired with a strong SEO game plan. Unlike previous years, it is difficult to get online attention for your business’s updates and events due to content flooding on search engines and social networking sites but you can easily solve that problem by associating with Oman’s leading digital PR web portal, Oman Vistas.

Our Digital PR helps you to reach your target customers by featuring your business on our website. In many ways, Digital PR is similar to traditional PR, but it creates the opportunity to reach a much broader audience that can’t be reached with offline strategies. To make the most impact, our digital PR strategies rely on Internet-based marketing such as search engine optimization, content marketing, influencer outreach and social media.

Through Oman Vistas Digital PR Strategy

  • You can publish articles and press releases on our websites to gain a wider reputation and high-quality backlinks
  • We can create video stories for your brand and promote it via our PR web portal and social channels
  • Publish and promote interviews of your organization’s key person’s on our website and social media channels.
  • Highlight product features and reviews on our digital portal and social channels
  • Affiliate Marketing with us
  • You can use our social media channels to gain more exposure
  • Build more brand awareness and increase online presence
  • Gain more traffic to your website
  • Will generate leads and increase sales

As a leading digital PR webportal in Oman, we help our customers in many different ways directly and indirectly. For example, by increasing their SEO. Publishing on high-authority websites like Oman Vistas will get quality backlinks links to your website and that will push you up the rankings for your target keywords. The higher up you rank on Google, the more traffic will come to your website, this is an indirect way through which we are helping our customers to get better Google rankings. Our Digital PR will make your target audience begin to hear more and more about your brand on a periodic interval and that makes a great impact on the customer engagement and positive reviews.

Content marketing is an important part of a digital PR campaign. The more your content is shared and found, the more your reputation and status as an authority begins to grow. Content you have already written can be transformed into a different form of content and shared or published on a different platform by repurposing. For example, a single blog post can be expanded with new information added and repurposed into several other types of content such as an infographic, a Facebook or LinkedIn news update, a guest blog post etc. It’s not a matter of simply rewriting the content, but also to continue adding value and reinforcing your voice as an authority.

As a Digital PR webportal we can increase the chances of lead generation and sales by presenting your content to the right target audience. Oman Vistas Digital PR aims to build brand value and target audience reach with the help of digital tools. Building a strong brand in the digital era where the sea of competitors is constantly competing can be challenging, but the strategic approach along with our strong online platforms and social channels helps us to make your brand stand out.