• Users can maximize energy savings by connecting their Bespoke refrigerators with the AI Energy Mode of SmartThings Energy.
  • The Samsung Food app is an AI-Powered, Personalized Food and Recipe Service offers tailored recipes to meet every dietary need.

We all want to save time and cut down on costs. During Ramadan, doing these things in a sustainable way is also a priority for consumers all over the world who looks for ways to help them save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Samsung Electronics thinks customers deserve these innovative new solutions in convenience, efficiency and sustainability and is always pushing ambitious new technologies that boost all three in the Bespoke range to make daily Ramadan routines easier to manage. AI Energy Mode, a power-saving feature from Samsung’s SmartThings Energy, is exactly this kind of solution that is available across the Bespoke refrigerators range.

As part of Samsung’s ever-growing family of services, the Samsung Food App represents the next step in the comprehensive yet highly bespoke experience customers can enjoy during Ramadan. The contrasting parts of the connected kitchen – from planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking can now come together, offering ease of mind after a long day of fasting. Acting as a personalized assistant that helps users discover new dishes, people can create tailored Iftar meal plans that suit to many dietary needs with the app’s advanced AI capabilities.

Effortless Energy Saving with AI Energy Mode by SmartThings

When it comes to at-home sustainability, the kitchen is a key focus area because it houses large appliances that are perpetually running. Fresh food storage, for example, requires refrigerators to maintain continuous operation and, consequently, a consistent power draw. 

Addressing this, Samsung’s refrigerators were designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint while optimizing food storage. With AI Energy mode, refrigerator learns usage patterns, creating AI algorithm which optimizes compressor speed and defrost cycle to reduce energy usage by up to 15%**. Specifically, Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators on AI Energy Mode are designed to intelligently monitor and control your appliance energy consumption to help reduce overall energy usage — an important aspect during Ramadan where people become more mindful to set better habits, unlocking an eco-conscious lifestyle that sustains them on the long term.

Iftar Your Way: Recipe Personalization and AI-Enhanced Meals with Samsung Food App

During Ramadan, the Samsung Food app harnesses the power of AI to personalize Iftar meals, catering to individual tastes and dietary needs. This innovative technology analyzes users’ preferences and nutritional requirements to curate a diverse array of dishes for breaking the fast. Whether it’s adjusting spice levels, accommodating to your guests’ allergies, or suggesting traditional recipes, the app ensures a tailored Iftar experience for each user.

One of the advanced features of the app is easily looking for a recipe of your favourite Ramadan dish, tweaking it with the Personalise Recipe function, and converting the recipe into a vegetarian or non-diary version. With its intuitive interface and smart AI recommendations, Samsung Food revolutionizes the way individuals connect with Ramadan, making the Iftar meal not only a time of spiritual fulfilment but also a culinary delight tailored to each individual.

Making the Most of Ramadan with Samsung

As sustainability becomes a critical factor in our daily lives, Samsung is constantly innovating to create Bespoke refrigerators that can help users save energy and resources at home with the power of AI. This is in line with the rituals of Ramadan, which calls for moderation and avoiding waste. In parallel, the Samsung Food app simplifies Iftar meal planning and cooking — allowing hosts to smartly spend less time in the kitchen and more quality moments with their guests and families.

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**Available for specific models from Dec 2022 through Wi-Fi update.  Test results derived from comparing factory setting temperature with AI Energy mode to without AI Energy mode. Results may vary depending on the usage condition and pattern.

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