Never Lose Your Devices While Hosting Iftar with SmartThings Find

Never Lose Your Devices While Hosting Iftar with SmartThings Find

SmartThings Find helps you locate misplaced devices quickly and easily, especially while you’re busy preparing for Iftar. From preventing misplacements to easily finding your devices, SmartThings Find is super useful and helps you focus on connection and reflection during Ramadan.


Prevent losing your devices with SmartThings Find, secure them with the Galaxy Smart Tag2 and never lose track again. While you are enjoying Iftar and realise your valuable is missing, SmartThings Find instantly alerts you, and will easily locate your items, whether it is in the corner of the room or left behind in your car.


During the planning of Iftar gatherings, it can be really easy to misplace your personal devices. With SmartThings Find you can quickly find if your item is nearby another Galaxy device, where the location updates automatically and you’ll receive a notification once it’s found. Then, simply navigate to your item’s location on the map.


When hosting Iftar, especially with children around, your devices might find their way into the most unexpected places as little ones explore and play, especially if they consider the Galaxy Buds2 Pro as a toy. Samsung SmartThings Find comes to the rescue in such scenarios, effortlessly tracking down your Galaxy Buds2 Pro quickly with real-time tracking.

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