G42 launches Core42 to deliver national-scale enterprise cloud and AI capabilities

Core42, formed by the merger of G42 Cloud, Inception and Injazat, unlocks a unique technology platform to enable the largest, most advanced digital initiatives

ABU DHABI – October 16, 2023 – G42, the leading UAE-based technology group, today announced the formation of a new dynamic entity, called Core42, which will focus on the delivery of national-scale enterprise AI solutions and services.

Core42, the result of the merger of three of G42’s existing businesses, G42 Cloud, Inception, and Injazat, is poised to play a unique role in the technology landscape by providing a holistic platform capable of delivering on UAE’s digital transformation agenda and leading the export of ICT innovation to international enterprises and governments.

The new company, will be led by G42’s Group CTO Kiril Evtimov, who also becomes CEO of Core42, will combine top-tier technology, innovation, and services in a first-of-its-kind offering that includes scalable cloud solutions, AI cloud and HPC infrastructure catering specifically to the public sector and regulated industries; cutting-edge applied AI research and implementation, focusing on enabling generative AI for enterprise use cases across multiple sectors and government organizations; cybersecurity services to protect organizations against data breaches and cyber attacks; excellence in professional services, managed services and systems integration.

Peng Xiao, Group CEO, G42, said: “In today’s dynamic landscape, governments and large enterprises stand at a crossroads, seeking technological prowess to overcome their most formidable challenges. Yet, the limitations of conventional solutions hinder their aspirations. With Core42, we’re forging an unparalleled entity, unifying the pinnacle of technology, innovation, and services drawn from the extensive G42 ecosystem. This is the beginning of a journey towards the realization of our customers and partners’ most audacious strategic objectives and a testament to the limitless potential of innovation.”

Kiril Evtimov, Group CTO, G42 and CEO, Core42, said “I am honored and truly excited for the opportunity to steer Core42 as we align G42’s transformative capabilities in cloud, AI, and services, focusing on enabling our clients’ to leverage the groundbreaking power of generative AI. We aim not to merely equip leading organizations in the UAE and globally to keep pace with latest innovations, but to be at the vanguard of the pioneering efforts driving the AI-driven world of tomorrow.”

Supporting Kiril in unleashing the full potential of the new company will be other familiar and accomplished industry leaders:

Dr. Andrew Jackson (Executive Vice President, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer): Andrew brings a wealth of expertise in business and technology development, with a focus on big data, analytics and AI. As the former CEO of Inception, he led the successful launch of Jais, a leading Arabic LLM.
Andrew will drive Core42’s Enterprise AI strategy and execution.

Ihsan Anabtawi (Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer): Ihsan joins Core42 from Microsoft, where he built a strong professional reputation and held multiple leadership positions – most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft UAE. He will lead Core42’s commercial, delivery, and go to market efforts.

Talal Alkaissi (Executive Vice President, Chief Product & Global Partnerships Officer): With accomplished prior experience as CEO of G42 Cloud, Talal will now focus on Core42’s product and technology implementation, expanding global partnerships, and leading company’s strategic geographic expansion efforts.

Completing Core42’s leadership team are Trevor North, Chief Operating Officer, Roopal Jobanputra, General Counsel, Adrian Hobbs, Chief Technology Officer, Martin Yates, Field Chief Technology Officer, Ali Nimer, Chief Client and Growth Officer, Edmondo Orlotti, Chief Strategy Officer.

The launch of Core42 was held during a press conference at GITEX GLOBAL, where Core42 is showcasing its vast array of technology solutions and services under the theme ‘Imagination in Action’, a testament to the tangible impact the company is making in shaping the technological landscape.

About Core42

Core42 is the UAE’s national-scale enabler for cloud and generative AI, combining G42 Group’s expertise across multiple technology disciplines into a single platform for public sector and large enterprise transformations. Building on our capabilities as sovereign cloud and HPC specialist, we bring generative AI, cybersecurity, professional and managed services expertise to enable national-scale program deployments across industries.

For further information, visit www.core42.ai

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