Audi Oman to launches VIP collection service for comfortable car servicing

  • Audi Oman’s new doorstep service aims to enhance convenience for Audi owners in Oman.
  • The VIP collection service enables Audi owners to get their cars serviced without needing to leave their homes.
  • After confirming the appointment, the Audi Oman team will collect the vehicle and transport it to the certified Audi Service Centre.
  • Cars with flat tyres, those needing fuel, or involved in an accident are not eligible for the pick-up service offer.
    Audi Oman, represented by Premium Motors, has announced the launch of their new doorstep service for the convenience of Audi owners in Oman. With the new VIP collection service, customers can now get their Audi serviced without leaving the comfort of their homes.

To avail the service, customers need to call Audi Oman on 2284 5100 to book an appointment for maintenance or repairs at least 48 hours prior to the pick-up date. The pick-up service is available for a maximum area radius of 350 kilometers from the Audi Oman showroom.

Once the appointment is confirmed, the Audi Oman team will pick up the vehicle and take it to the certified Audi Service Centre, where expert technicians will complete all the necessary work.

After the service is complete, the vehicle will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep, ready to return to the road.

Premium Experience
Christian Nehme, General Manager of Premium Motors Oman, said: “At Audi Oman, we believe in providing our customers with a premium experience. Our new doorstep service allows Audi owners to get on with their lives and maintain their Audis with no inconvenience to them. Our VIP collection service truck will collect the car and our team will do everything needed to ensure our customers stay safely on the road without wasting their valuable time.”

Disclaimer: Please note the vehicles that have flat tyres, require fuel, or have been involved in an accident will not be covered under the pick-up service offer.
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