Sohar International Continues Supporting Injaz Oman; Collaborates On Two New Programs For Students

Muscat. January 30. As an organization that is invested in the youth of the country, Sohar International has consistently been a keen supporter of education and development programs that aid in creating a knowledge-based economy. The bank’s most recent endeavor was signing an agreement with Injaz Oman to work together on two student programs. Sohar International has provided assistance to the “Company Program” and the “Personal Finance Program” in accordance with the terms of the agreement, which was signed in the bank’s main office on the Waterfront by Mr. Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, the Chief Marketing Officer of Sohar International, and Ms. Khaula Al Harthy, the Executive Director of Injaz Oman.  

Mr. Mohamed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi, Chairman of Sohar International, commented, “With Oman Vision 2040 underscoring the value of education and identifying it as one of the key pillars to attaining sustainable human development, it becomes increasingly important to broaden the horizon and go beyond academic syllabuses – it becomes essential to provide students with targeted programs that focus on sharpening skills in their specific areas of interest. Through efforts to promote such programs and platforms, Sohar International will remain committed to contributing towards fostering a self-motivated, capable, and socially-conscious generation that will uphold its roles and duties to the nation and drive sustained socio-economic progress.” 

The latest edition of the Company Program, which was launched earlier in October 2022 and will continue until September 2023, focuses on guiding students from diverse academic backgrounds on how to start, build, and sustain a business, including the fundamentals of carrying out various operational procedures in line with international standards and government regulations, and tackling various challenges in running a business. Going beyond imparting theoretical knowledge, the program provides students with an opportunity to launch their own companies. Meanwhile, the Personal Finance Program is geared at acquainting students with real-world money management skills and the tactics of effective budgeting while instilling in them a savings mindset and encouraging them to start taking concerted efforts to invest in their future. Highly interactive, engaging, and stimulating, both programs focus on promoting team spirit, collaboration, and healthy competition – essential elements that are vital to surviving and thriving in the modern world. 

Mr. Al Ardhi added saying, “At Sohar International, we constantly align with the national efforts to enhance the educational opportunities available to the youth. Nurturing an ecosystem of inclusive and accessible programs that focus on providing students with practical entrepreneurial skills while broadening their financial literacy contributes to creating a youth workforce that is empowered, inspired, and skilled to lead transformational change.”

Ms. Khaula Alharthy, Executive Director of Injaz Oman, commented, “At Injaz Oman, we play a pivotal role in furthering the educational, learning, and development goals of the Sultanate. We always strive to stay ahead of the curve by introducing and conducting programs that have a tangible impact on our beneficiaries. This will not be possible without the support of industry players, in key sectors, such as banking, and finance. Sohar International’s continued engagement with Injaz Oman is exemplary of how public-private partnerships can help thrive national progress. We hope to keep this going and create long-term impact on the society.”  

A progressive, agile, and people-centric bank, Sohar International’s strategic sponsorships go beyond enhancing brand value – it is purposefully designed to authentically engage with the community while driving exceptional value for its members. On earlier occasions, the bank has also extended its support to various knowledge-sharing platforms and programs implemented by several organization including Injaz Oman. 

About Sohar International

With the vision to become a world-class Omani services company that helps customers, community and people to prosper and grow, Sohar International operates with a purpose to help people ‘win’ by delivering responsive banking for their ever-changing world, complementing their growth and prosperity with international standard service delivery. The Bank seeks to redefine banking in Oman through transformational developments centred on the principles of More Velocity, making everything simple and fast; More Value, ensuring relevance and connectivity to customers’ world; and More Vision, liberating stakeholders through talented leadership. 

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