Lalan Middle East LLC and Muscat Pharmacy LLC Formalize Sales andDistribution Agreement, Paving the Way for Strategic Growth

Sultanate of Oman, 11 th March – In a momentous stride towards global expansion, LALAN MIDDLE
EAST LLC, a subsidiary of Lalan Group, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative by establishing
Lalan’s inaugural overseas Glove Facility at SOHAR Free Zone in Oman.
The facility, a state-of-the-art establishment on 5000 sqm, will house a Surgical and Medical Glove
plant, complete with an ETO sterilization facility and a certified microbiology lab. The plant is set to
create over 100 job opportunities, with a commendable 45% Omanization rate, reinforcing Lalan’s
commitment to local talent development.
The formalization of the Sales and Distribution Agreement between Lalan Middle East LLC and
Muscat Pharmacy LLC at the event marks a pivotal moment, symbolizing the crystallization of a
robust and strategic partnership between the two entities. The agreement, ceremoniously signed by
Mr. Lalith Hapangama, Chairman of Lalan Group, and Mr. Bakul Metha, Chairman of Muscat
Pharmacy, heralds the commencement of a collaborative journey between the esteemed
Under the terms of this agreement, Lalan Middle East LLC is strategically positioned to leverage the
extensive market reach and expertise of Muscat Pharmacy LLC. This strategic alliance aims to
enhance the distribution network for Lalan’s locally produced medical gloves throughout the
Sultanate of Oman and beyond. The synergy between Lalan Group’s unwavering commitment to
quality and innovation and Muscat Pharmacy’s longstanding reputation for delivering top-notch
healthcare solutions is anticipated to yield substantial benefits for both entities and, more
importantly, for the end-users in the region.
At the event Mr. Lalith Hapangama, Chairman of Lalan Group, explained the rationale behind
choosing Oman as the regional hub, citing its strategic location, stability, and the warm welcome
extended by the Omani people. He affirmed the group’s long-term vision to expand operations in the
Sultanate and establish a robust supply network across the GCC, North African region, and the USA,
leveraging Oman’s FDA association.
Mr. Bakul Metha, Chairman of Muscat Pharmacy, congratulated Lalan on this historic initiative,
drawing parallels to his own successful journey in Oman. He stated, “Lalan’s commitment to quality
resonates with our own commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare to the citizens of
Oman. This historic venture is a testament to the warm hospitality and opportunities that Oman
In conveying his appreciation, Mr. Damith De Alwis, Regional Head of Lalan Middle East, expressed
gratitude, stating, “I extend my thanks to Mr. Bakul Metha and the dedicated team at Muscat
Pharmacy for their unwavering support throughout this venture, a collaborative effort that has been
in progress since 2019.”
This momentous occasion signifies a significant step forward for Lalan Group, embodying its global
ambitions and commitment to fostering economic growth in Oman and beyond.

About Lalan Group:

Established in 1940, LALAN Group is a distinguished family-owned Conglomerate headquartered in
Sri Lanka. With a global presence through branch offices in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil,
Turkey, and Oman, the group boasts a workforce of over 8000 individuals. Operations are vertically
integrated, encompassing plantations in Tea, Rubber, Spices, and a network of more than 20
Manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka. Proudly exporting to over 76 countries, the group’s
commitment to quality, innovation, community, and the environment has garnered global
recognition. Lalan Group has consistently been honored on the global stage for its significant
contributions to the Sri Lankan industries, particularly in the rubber sector.

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