Khimji Ramdas ICT Strengthens Commitment to Education with Innovative Technology Collaborations

Muscat, July 13: Khimji Ramdas ICT, one of the leading IT and Information security solutions companies and a part of Khimji Ramdas Group, a 150-years-old business conglomerate in the Sultanate of Oman took a significant stride towards transforming the educational landscape of Oman with a momentous signing ceremony. Held at the esteemed KR Infrastructure campus, the event marked the establishment of strategic partnerships with two prominent principals, Academia-Serosoft and OneScreen. The signing ceremony was graced by the presence of KR directors, Mr. Hritik Khimji and Mr. Varun Khimji.
With these alliances, KR-ICT aims to bolster KR-ICT’s capabilities in serving the educational industry in the Sultanate of Oman. KR-ICT firmly believes in the power of digital transformation to revolutionize the educational sector, ensuring enhanced access to knowledge for every student across the Sultanate. To achieve this vision, KR-ICT has strategically partnered with world-leading technology providers, Academia, Serosoft, and OneScreen.
OneScreen Solutions, a prominent player in the field of video conferencing and collaboration platforms, offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the evolving needs of educational institutions. Recognizing that transforming the teaching methods alone may not be sufficient, OneScreen Solutions ensures equal access to education by connecting students both physically and remotely. The platform’s interactive whiteboarding feature fosters active participation and engagement, creating an inclusive learning environment. Additionally, the user-friendly interface consolidates all necessary tools onto a single interactive screen, simplifying the learning experience and eliminating the need for multiple devices.
Whereas, Academia ERP provides a complete enterprise solution designed to automate academic and administrative processes in colleges and universities. Built on cutting-edge Java technology, Academia ERP streamlines the entire student lifecycle, from initial inquiry to graduation, while also managing key administrative functions such as inventory, hostel, library, and human resources. By minimizing manual intervention, Academia ERP enhances efficiency, providing greater control over the system and ensuring smoother execution of processes.
Mr.Mujtaba Hassan-Managing Director, OneScreen Solutions -GCC stated, “OneScreen Solutions streamlines the learning experience for teachers and students alike, making it easier and better than ever before. With the flexibility to create multiple accounts, each teacher can enjoy a customized experience tailored to their specific needs and preferences. And here’s the best part: whenever teachers find themselves in need of assistance, the OneScreen Gurus are just one tap away. Thousands of successful case studies demonstrate how OneScreen Solutions empowers educational institutions to prepare future leaders while enabling teachers to seamlessly transfer their wisdom. Join the educational revolution and unlock a brighter, more convenient future with OneScreen Solutions.”

Mr.Arprit Badjatya-Founder at Serosoft stated, “We consider our partners as a logical extension of our organization providing tools, Support, and Knowledge transfer to jointly address the needs of our clients. Our partners are selected and certified to ensure that Academia software solution gets implemented smoothly. It’s an additional resource for our partners to generate revenue. We strive to deliver consistent and tremendous value to customers by deeply understanding their needs and the education ecosystem overall.”
Mrs.Meenal Madavi-HOD KICT mentioned, “Technology integration offered by the new-age tech ecosystem can plug some of the gaps in the present education system. As Oman witnesses a steady growth in the number of technology users, EdTech solutions can aid the country to get ahead of the curve by providing high-quality educational experiences to learners, cutting across economies, gender, region or age.”
Meenal further stated,” Modern society has embraced technology as a crucial aspect of day-to-day life and is constantly developing to cater to the needs of the community. The advent of technological advancements has transformed several sectors, and the educational sector is the most influenced one. It is now playing a pivotal role in improving teaching as well as learning processes. The innovative tools are now combining classroom education with e-learning to provide better engagement, access and learning methods.”
As a local partner, KR-ICT remains committed to the educational sector by offering comprehensive support and maintenance for these cutting-edge technologies. With the integration of Academia – Serosoft and OneScreen solutions, KR-ICT is poised to transform the educational landscape in Oman, enabling seamless access to knowledge and empowering the leaders of future generations.

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