Infoline Pioneers Purpose-Driven Technology Innovations; Implements Sultanate’s First Automatic Invoice Verification System

Muscat. February 20. Infoline, a leading IT-enabled service (ITES) provider in Oman, is dedicated to transforming business operations by redefining processes and technology to create value for a diverse range of clients from both government and private sectors.

In their latest innovation, Infoline, along with their partner, has introduced an Automatic Invoice Verification System for a client in the utility sector, poised to revolutionize transaction processes. This system establishes Infoline as a pioneer in technological advancements in the sector.

Mr. Muadh Al-Omairi, Commercial Vice President at Infoline, highlighted the significance of operational efficiency and precise handling of transactions within the power and water sector. He emphasized that the Automatic Invoice Verification System signifies a revolutionary shift in addressing transactions within these critical industries.

The system, set to be the country’s first centralized SMART system for power and water production companies, is designed to automate and verify invoices from 25 generators throughout Oman, ensuring alignment with contractual commitments and reducing errors in manual calculations.

This initiative aims to streamline the labor-intensive process, reduce errors, and expedite payment cycles. By introducing this system, Infoline aims to enhance productivity and precision, contributing to the advancement of power and water transactions in Oman.

In addition to the Automatic Invoice Verification System, Infoline has been empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with data-driven process management applications tailored to enhance efficiency and contribute to overall business growth.

Through sustained efforts in pushing technological boundaries and providing excellent services, Infoline has firmly established itself as a trusted partner in reshaping businesses through technology in Oman.

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