Bank Nizwa’s Senior Executives Excel in Prestigious Wharton University Program

Continuing to Empower Executive Leadership in Islamic Banking

Muscat– As the leading Islamic bank in the Sultanate of Oman, Bank Nizwa remains resolute in its commitment to the cultivation of human capital and the provision of professional advancement opportunities for its talented staff. In line with this, the bank recently celebrated the success of two of its senior executives, Mr. Nasser Al Lamki, General Manager and Chief Audit Executive, and Ms. Haifa Al Lawati, Assistant General Manager of HR, on completing the prestigious Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Certification from Wharton University. 

The selection of this course, designed to enhance leadership abilities in a fast-paced landscape and instil a growth-oriented mindset, further underscores Bank Nizwa’s dedication to nurturing a team that is empowered, and forward-thinking. By providing strategic insights, networking opportunities, and exposure to industry best practices, the course plays an instrumental role in equipping executives with essential skills and perspectives crucial for effective decision-making. 

Emphasizing the significance of investing in employee development, Mr. Nasser Al Lamki stated, “At Bank Nizwa, the dedication toward helping employees attain their professional aspirations serves as the bedrock of the organization’s corporate culture. Here, each team member is encouraged to assume a pivotal role in shaping the core narrative. Professional programmes go beyond providing tools for fostering a culture of innovation within the organization; they also help advocate the right attitude and mindset crucial for improved performance across various roles.”

Expressing gratitude for the valuable experience, Ms. Haifa Al Lawati said, “The development of human capital and the growth of the organization go hand in hand. As a bank that places its human capital at the core of its operations, Bank Nizwa strategically works to enhance the skills and capabilities of its employees by employing best practices in training and development. Our graduation from this distinctive training program aims to enhance the contribution of executive members more effectively in the organization’s growth trajectory.”

Bank Nizwa recognizes the significance of cultivating a proficient workforce for the growth of the organization. Beyond the inherent benefits of heightened employee morale, and increased productivity, the dedication to continuous learning and growth serves as a catalyst in creating an environment that thrives on innovation, teamwork, and the delivery of unparalleled service quality. This approach gives the bank a competitive edge to tap into new opportunities in diverse markets, while also capitalizing on the latest technological enhancements. Empowered with advanced capabilities, employees are poised to contribute significantly to the ongoing success of the institution. 

By emphasizing both professional and personal advancement, Bank Nizwa remains at the forefront of fostering a growth-oriented workplace culture. This strategy ensures a workforce that is motivated, aligned with organizational goals, and proficient in navigating the intricacies of the marketplace. 

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