The World Leaders in Infertility Treatments, Equipo IVI Bring Top Infertility Specialists to Muscat

March 16, 2017

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 16th March 2017:  The inaugural edition of the IVI Fertility conference titled – The Science Behind Assisted Reproductive Technologies, ANNO 2017, was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat recently. The conference was one-of-its-kind as world renowned specialists came to the city and shared insightful research on key topics that challenge infertility treatments in the region. His Excellency Sultan Al Habsi, Secretary General, Supreme Council for Planning, graced the event with his presence. The conference speakers included world renowned IVF specialists who shared insightful research data on key topics that challenge infertility treatments in the GCC region.  A day long affair, the conference was well structured and presented valuable insights on topics like Geography and Infertility, Ovarian Stimulation & Endometrium, OHSS Prediction & Prevention and Genetic Testing to eliminate inheritable genetic disorders amongst others. Gynaecologists from Muscat, Sohar, Salalah, Nizwa, Seeb, Ibri, Barka and Rustaq welcomed this event and made sure that they made the most of this unique opportunity of learning from the world’s best. The conference was well attended with 6 key speakers and over 200 attendees.

Equip IVI, the world’s foremost provider of fertility care services is known not just for its exemplary work in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and helping couples realize their dream of parenthood but also for knowledge sharing amongst the OBS-GYN doctors of the region by organizing such events regularly. The last conference was held in November 2016 in the city of Abu Dhabi and was inaugurated by HE Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, UAE.

Equipo IVI has recently commenced operations in its Muscat Clinic, IVI Middle East Infertility clinic in Al Khuwair. “Our inaugural conference in Muscat has seen a remarkable success with the participation of several globally renowned specialists of the fertility health sector. I am delighted that these top specialists and researchers spoke on varied fertility factors and treatments and presented insightful talks on key areas that we seek answers for everyday as doctors. I am sure that this conference was a great learning experience for my fellow gynaecologists, as it was for me,” said Dr. Human Fatemi, Medical Director, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic.

The conference also highlighted the fact that the reasons for infertility in the Middle East are significantly different from those in the West and hence need a specialised research and understanding to deliver
result-based treatments. The conference discussed new protocols and latest techniques in the field of IVF. The participants also had the unique opportunity of networking with these specialists and setting up the ground for future cooperation.

“The goal for us in IVI is to provide a professional forum where we can discuss critical factors, treatment approaches and technologies that impact our efficiency as infertility specialists. IVI has chosen to enter the Middle East market from the UAE, and has seen a success rate of over 70% in our two clinics in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. We now extend our learning and experience to benefit couples in the region by making international standard fertility care accessible,” said Mr Suresh Soni, Chairman, IVI Middle East.

IVI is indeed one of the very few institutions that undertake fundamental research to further the area of reproductive medicine, and employs innovative techniques and technologies like the CGT and the PGS to deliver result based-outcomes for its patients.

“Besides new innovations, the conference’s objective is also to raise awareness on the growing incidence of infertility in UAE and its specific causes which are very different from those in the Western countries,” explained Dr Fatemi.

To note that IVI professionals have been awarded some of the most representative prizes in the reproductive medicine sector, including seven awards from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the 2002 award from the Society for Gynaecological Investigation and the Ares Serono Research Award.

IVI is the world’s largest IVF operator with clinics in across Europe, Panama, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and  India. IVI recently added 10 clinics in the USA with merger with RMANJ America. Founded in 1990, the group has a long and proven history in the field of human reproduction with 61 clinics world over and having assisted in the birth of over 135,000 babies.