Wassan Dental backs careers in dentistry at ABA Career Fair

April 19, 2018

Wassan Specialty Dental Centre, the city’s premier integrated dental solutions provider, was part of an eclectic mix of organisations featured at a Career Fair organized recently by the American-British Academy (ABA).

It was Wassan Dental’s maiden presence at a career fair for children preparing to transition from high school to college – part of a community outreach initiative designed to spotlight the wealth of career opportunities that await youngsters in the realm of dentistry.

Leading business houses, banks and universities were among 20 organisations represented at the daylong fair. Also participating in the event were Bank Muscat, Oman Arabic Bank, Zubair Auto, Ghala Golf Club, Cluttons, Vision 2050, Oman Vets, GUtech, and National Hospitality Institute.

Wassan Dental fielded a team of specialists comprising Dr. Sheby George – Specialist Dental Surgeon and Prosthodontist, Dr. Ajay Narayan – Specialist Paedodontist, Dr. Puneet Soratur – Senior Dental Surgeon, and Jameela – Support Staff.  ABA Career Fairs, after all, have a reputation of attracting some of Muscat’s brightest students, affording Wassan’s specialists the opportunity to interact with potential bright sparks of the future.

As the city’s preeminent dental clinic, it was only apt that Wassan Dental seized the opportunity to showcase to the fair’s young visitors and their parents the wide range of fulfilling career options that dentistry has to offer.

The five-member team shared insights on a broad range of topics relevant to the field of dentistry, notably the different branches and specialisations in dentistry, academic pathways to each of these disciplines, technological trends and developments in this field, and international destinations for higher dental learning.

The specialists were also happy to answer student questions about, for instance, subject requirements for dentistry or medicine, duration of study programmes for specific dental specialisations and so on.

Dr. Sheby George – Specialist Dental Surgeon and Prosthodontist, commented: “It was as much a learning experience for us as for the students who peppered us with questions about career prospects in dentistry. The interactions were lively, passionate and intensely illuminating for the children.  We were truly amazed by their desire to make informed decisions about their further studies and career goals.”

Established in 2001, Wassan Specialty Dental Center operates a full-fledged specialty clinic in Al Khuwair Tower (Behind Zawawi Mosque) in Al Khuwair.  The integrated dental practice offers a full complement of specialisations, encompassing Orthodontics (Brackets and Aligners), Prosthodontics (Dental Implants), Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment), Cosmetic Dentistry (Whitening and Veneers) and Child & Paediatric Dentistry, apart from General Dentistry.