Top executives unite on a common platform

February 18, 2016

The Green Sheikh from the royal family of Ajman, HH Sayyid Tarik bin Shabib bin Taimur and Lamees Daar from ESO were some of the leading executives and entrepreneurs that spoke at the recent, well attended Insta8 event at the Opera Galleria.

In a first ever get together on a social media platform, top executives gathered at Opera Galleria for Insta8 Executive, an event that had executives and entrepreneurs from varying fields share their experiences and thoughts.
One of the speakers at the well attended event was HH Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Nuaimi from the royal family of Ajman. Referred by interesting names such as the Green Sheikh and ‘from polluter to protector’, he was interviewed by the CNN as an environmentalist. He spoke about his passion and how he loves to inspire young people as they can make a difference in their family, community and country.
He feels a leader is one who takes responsibility and cares about people and environment. “A leader is not one who is right at the top; it is someone who can inspire people and take people along. Even a child can be a leader and lead by experience,” he added.
On the other hand, HH Sayyid Tarik bin Shabib bin Taimur spoke on behalf of a large corporation but feels there are lessons within that apply to everyone. While reaching out to young people starting new businesses or joining corporate companies, he feels the ideal situation would be if one is fortunate enough to do what one really enjoys. Then, one will give it much more time and a lot will be done in less time. If one is not fortunate to currently be in that situation, he feels it is something to aspire for. He based his presentation on the fact that CSR and social responsibility don’t have to be separate from business but can be a business – the two can be completely synonymous.
For those new to the social media scene in Oman, Insta8 is when 8 motivators speak for 8 minutes in 8 moments addressing topics within the instagram sphere. It is an informal gathering where people gather to network, share abilities and skills and most important, to follow and get followed.
Fahmi Al Ma’awali, Owner of Eventus, who created this platform, said Insta8 Executive took the platform to another level as it encompasses everyone who has to take decisions. “An executive refers to everyone who makes way from the bottom to the top. It is not a giant leap but a million small steps and it is this journey that is important,” emphasises Fahmi. This passage can be fulfilling, inspiring, uplifting… and can show the way to other executives treading similar paths; not to imitate but to boost confidence to continue unwaivered and perhaps achieve greater heights.
The event was supported by Opera Galleria, Tamrah Oman, Grand Hyatt Muscat, Oman Air, Hassad and Sahtain – gourmet catering.