‘The Bollywood’ launches Live Web Radio at Al Qurum outlet

January 18, 2015

Muscat, January 18, 2014 – Live and recorded music are common features of the restaurant dining experience today. But have you ever heard of an eatery that treats diners to music customised especially for them? This unconventional ‘twist in the story’ is brought to you, aptly enough, by The Bollywood restaurant, which has launched its own radio channel through Radiowalla.in at its outlet in Al Qurum. The service, which comes from Radiowalla.in, allows the restaurant to select music tailor-made for different occasions. From foot-tapping film numbers to festival songs, world music and much more, the customized radio channel will set the mood for a fun-filled time, 24X7, for The Bollywood’s guests and their loved ones.

For 15 years, The Bollywood, a part of Khimji International LLC, has been Muscat’s best-known destination for authentic vegetarian Indian street foods, chaats, sweets and dishes. It has built its brand appeal over time with high-profile events like the first-ever Big Bollywood Cook Off competition, besides regular festival celebrations, Bollywood quizzes, Facebook contests and other initiatives through which it engages its customers. There is nothing ‘normal’ about the restaurant; it has always prided itself on pushing the envelope when it comes to enhancing the dining experience through creativity and imagination. And the new radio concept improves on the current practice followed by restaurants, by introducing diners to a new world of customised music and content.

Therefore, the restaurant has struck a deal with Radiowalla.in, a provider of niche customised radio channels, to provide this service to its guests. Patrons of The Bollywood can now enjoy content across the spectrum – from Hindi and regional music to classical and modern songs, which will be lined-up to suite any occasion or festivities held at The Bollywood. The content will be hand-picked to provide a refreshing accompaniment to the great food and ambience, and will complement the themes, events and celebrations being observed at the restaurant.

Said Yogesh Shah, General Manager, Khimji Restaurant Division, “Music is an important part of the Indian movie industry, which is extremely versatile and encompasses many genres. Therefore, instead of having a generic music playlist, the management decided to go for theme-based and customised audio content. The specially customised radio channel for The Bollywood, provides us greater flexibility and options when it comes to content, and Radiowalla has a great list of channels suitable for audiences of all ages and types.”

He added, “Though the concept is new, I am sure our customers will welcome it, just like they have appreciated our efforts over the years to serve them better and to give them more reasons to visit The Bollywood.”