Smart Clean by Asian Paints Berger – the perfect ally for moms

September 9, 2019

Asian Paints Berger has introduced Royale Smart Clean in Oman, a premium interior emulsion with a smooth silk finish designed especially for easy stain removal for beautiful looking walls day after day

Taking the core principles of Innovation, Inspiration and Partnership another step further, Asian Paints Berger has launched a product that is especially designed to give moms a helping hand. On the glittering launch of the product attended by dealers across Oman, four supermoms were invited and honoured.

When budding Picassos decide to use the walls of the house as their canvas, or simply – by design or intention – leave their handprints and other handiwork on the walls, it can be very trying for a mom who is already juggling a zillion other things. Now, Asian Paints Berger gives an opportunity for moms to stand back and admire the handiwork before wiping it clean – in just a swipe!

Royale Smart Clean is created with Lumino Tech that imparts walls with the brightest colours, total opacity and a smooth silk finish. On coming in contact with water, the paint does not allow water to penetrate or spot; instead the water ‘beads’ on the surface. The environment-friendly paint also has the exceptional ability to ‘stretch’ so that hairline fractures remain covered. But, most importantly, Smart Clean is highly washable keeping the painted walls pristine for a longer duration and reducing the number of repaints.

Most people are house-proud, but the responsibility to maintain that often falls on the woman of the house who may be working or balancing multitude chores. One of the common issues across most homes is to keep the walls clean, especially if there are children or pets. Scrawling on the walls, dirt and foot marks, ink stains and food stains are the typical culprits. Royale Smart Clean has been conceived as a tribute to the multi-tasking Super Mom as well as the children, so as not to hinder their creativity.

For those who find it too good to be true, there will be Demo kits available in all Asian Paints Décor Lounges for customers to try out. Each kit will have two sample boards painted with Royale Smart Clean and a mini selection of crayons, pencils, ink and ketchup that can be used to scribble and mess up the board. The kit also includes a sponge and common household cleaning agent that will testify how easy it is to wipe the entire mess with just a swipe. Smart Clean has over 1800+ shades to choose from and is available in three packs of 1 Litre, 4 litres and 18 litres. The vast and rich repertoire of shades is sure to tempt customers to cover the entire house.

“As one of the largest coating companies in the world, we are constantly studying the market and identifying what products will strike a chord with the consumers,” states Mr. Joseph Pulikottil, General Manager of Asian Paints Middle East. “Smart Clean is one such product that has a beautiful finish which can be maintained with minimum effort. It is a tribute to super moms who work round the clock to provide the best to their family,” he added.

Over the years, the company has consistently innovated its product and service offerings by introducing definitive products such as Royale, Weathercoat, Royale Play, TUFF, Select & Decora and has gained good mind share amongst all its stakeholders. In the Arabian region, Asian Paints Berger has carved out a niche for itself across Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman for nearly four decades.