Pushing the Envelope on Transparency and Disclosure

September 29, 2015

GRI trainings to help organisations implement the cutting edge G4 framework for sustainability reporting Dubai, United Arab Emirates – August 2,2015 – (ME NewsWire) The region’s premier think tank and training centre the Arabia CSR Network will host two trainings in the month of September on the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting framework. The framework is widely accepted around the world as a de-facto standard for reporting and disclosures on social and environmental issues by organisations of all sizes and sectors. It offers a highly effective communication tool to reporting organisations that are keen to share their success stories and challenges in tackling non-financial, societal issues from the point of view of their business. It allows reporting organisations to go the extra mile in disclosing the vision, strategies, policies, initiatives, results and outcomes that make their sustainability initiatives meaningful and value-added. Reporting on non-financial aspects of the business has been on the rise in developed, developing and emerging markets, and here in the Arabian Gulf, there has been a flurry of sustainability reports that have been released by public sector, semi-government and private establishments. With this comes the growing need for capacity development in order to produce authenticated and credible reporting that stakeholders can rely on. The Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) was the first organisation in the Arabian peninsula to become a certified training partner of Global Reporting Initiative; the Netherlands-based non-profit that has developed the GRI reporting frame work and guidelines. Since 2011, the Network has organized conducted 29 normative and tailored GRI trainings in UAE, Bahrain and Oman, for 160 individuals representing 108 organizations coming from various countries in the MENA region. It is also the first to launch the certified GRI training in the Arabic language, which it co-developed with GRI. ACSRN has vast expertise in delivering result-oriented trainings on the subjects of CSR, sustainability and reporting. The upcoming trainings will be offered in Dubai, and will cover the GRI’s latest version known as G4, with one training each in English and Arabic. Expert trainers will deliver the three day courses as per GRI’s stipulations, but will blend their knowledge of local sustainability issues to create high impact sessions. Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a certificate from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The training in English will run from September 8-10th, and the one in Arabic will take place from September 13-15th, 2015. Special packages are available for early registration and group booking.