Oman sees higher demand for Peruvian products

October 17, 2019

Peru, one of the world’s fastest-growing Latin American nations, is all set to expand its exports of a wide range of goods to the Sultanate of Oman, a move that is aligned with the growing Peruvian exports to the wider Asian region. Oman is one of the top priority destinations of Peru’s latest export master plan.

The most important goods imported from Peru to Oman includes powder milk, Peruvian premium anthracite coal, fresh fruits, veterinary medicines, antibiotics, mangos, safety glass, valves and transport accessories. 

Peru is one of the top 10 food suppliers in the world and to boost its exports from the agricultural sector has identified a category such as ‘Super Foods Peru’, a new brand that includes asparagus, passion fruit, purple corn, quinoa, cocoa among many others; while the alpaca fiber leads the textile sector with its top quality to produce premium garments.

While remarking on the improved trade relations between Peru and Oman, the executive president of the official Peruvian Exports and Tourism Board (PROMPERU), Luis Torres, said: “We have implemented a strong plan to intensify our efforts to encourage exports to new markets. The relationship between Peru and Oman continues to go strong. This country will become a key market in Asia for Peruvian companies and trade.”

“Oman is the right market to focus the efforts of Peruvian companies for their exports. Peruvian exporters are planning to engage in an intense program of strategic business in the Asian countries,” he added.

“Our trade has evolved and diversified both in products and services as well as in markets. At first, it was a challenge to get involved, but once the potential and an array of possibilities were interiorized companies were eager to participate,” Torres further said.

On November 3rd and 4th the Expo Peru Dubai 2019 will be held, here Peruvian exporters and tourism entrepreneurs will meet their peers from the UAE and Middle East.

Peru is a key food supplier, leading among the top 10 places in the world. Some of these positions are:

1st Place : Asparagus and Quinoa

2nd Place : Blueberries, Avocadoes and Mandarins

3rd place : Grapes and Paprika

4th place : Hearts of palms preserves

5th place : Olive preserves

10th place : Onions

The Peruvian Andes have large mineral deposits, which were wisely exploited for centuries. This country has the largest reserves of silver in the world, as well as the largest gold, lead and zinc reserves in Latin America, according to the Ministry of Energy and Mines. In 2018, 2.44 million tons of copper were exported; 4,200 tons of silver, and 142.6 tons of gold.

In addition, the Peruvian Amazon contains rich deposits of oil and natural gas, as well as forest resources.