Magic night at The Bollywood

May 18, 2015

May 2015, Muscat – The Bollywood, one of Muscat’s best-known Indian restaurants, has always entertained its guests by regularly pulling out various surprises from its hat. And the latest surprise is a magic show, which will be conducted on 28th May 2015. The show will begin at 9.00 pm sharp, and guests will be treated to a host of tricks performed by a professional magician, who will perform table-to-table tricks that will astonish and delight the entire family, especially the kids. So get ready to be entertained!!

The magic night will replace the hugely successful Bollywood quiz night for the month of May. The quiz nights have been conducted by the restaurant since October 2013. The quiz tests patrons on their knowledge of movie-related trivia, and has become extremely popular with the guests, the restaurant’s management felt that it was time to do something new and different that would provide wholesome fun to the entire family. And a magic show was the unanimous choice, since magic is one thing that everybody likes.

Says Yogesh Shah, General Manager, Khimji Restaurants Division, The Bollywood, “Live magic and food may seem an unusual combination, but I have no doubt that our magic night will be a big hit. Our guests have appreciated our previous initiatives, such as the Quiz night, the Cook-Off and Valentine’s Day celebrations, to name a few. We assure them that we will always come up with more and better ways to make dining an inclusive, fun and enjoyable experience.”

The Bollywood is known for its delicious range of chaats, patties and sandwiches, Southern snacks, Punjabi signature dishes and sweets from across India.

Editor’s Note:

Bollywood is all about enticing the senses – that is, the mainstream Indian cinema and that is what the popular Indian restaurant ‘The Bollywood’ located in Al Qurum Complex does. The restaurant’s decor and menu card supports the theme offering varied chaats, patties and sandwiches, Southern snacks, Punjabi signature dishes and a host of sweets. The restaurant has been operational since 1999 and is part of Khimji International LLC.