May 23, 2016

Why fly to France? Le Petit Paris is now in Oman

MUSCAT 23 May 2016: Le Petit Paris, France’s most sought-after pastry has forayed in to the Sultanate of Oman aiming to cater to the yearning Omani folks with a slice of diverse and delectable French pastries.

Located in Mawaleh right behind the Holiday Inn Hotel, Le Petit is the result of a project by passionate people enriched by their experience acquired alongside the greatest French pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and ice cream makers. Le Petit is pleased to present its wide range of gourmet products made with selected high quality ingredients. For those of you looking for prestigious products, with different flavours and an original look, your creativity will be satisfied.

Its diverse and assorted French pastries include breads, baguettes, wholewheat, multigrain, buns for special occasions; Danish pastries including croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, mini pastries; Gourmet pastries which show off Le Petit creativity, its expertise and the makers’ love for the product. Macaroons, whhcih unite tradition and modernity and last but not the least, a range of exceptional ice creams made with meticulously selected ingredients. They are available in a varied range of classic and original flavours.

Le Petit Paris-Opening (1)

“I am passionate about pastry and I love discovering new cultures and tastes, that is why in my pastry, as a Chef I try to use my skills that I developed with some of the best bakers and pastry Chefs in France at the service of innovation by creating new products with an Omani touch,” says Hermann Abdelatif Ferga, production manager, Pastry Chef and baker. “They include Omani halwa macaron, Luban Ice cream, Arabic coffee macaron, brioche with Omani honey and dates”, he added.

Le Petit Paris pastries are defined by 3Es – Equilibrium, Elegance, Emotion and tasting its patisserie is a must. The macarons, cakes, mille-feuille, lemon tarts, opera etc…will make you travel to Paris, the promoters claimed. At Le Petit Paris, 100% of our products are fresh, homemade and healthy, following international quality standards. We strive to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible, such as the butter from France, quality flour, and all-natural flavourings and extracts.

“Quality and excellence are a priority for us. 90 per cent of the ingredients we use are local. Our particularity is the support that we get from skilled experts in bakery and pastry from France,” Abdullah al Battashi, CEO adds.

The entire staff, from chef to server, is dedicated to providing exceptional products and service to optimize the customer experience. Thanks to the support of Sylvain HERVIAUX, (world champion during the Mondial cup of bakery-2013 and Best baker in the bakery trade -2011), we developed a wide range of authentic French bakery products: baguettes, whole wheat, multigrain, special breads, buns for special occasions, and viennoiseries (croissants, chocolate croissants, Danish, milk bread…)

“Our very concept is freshness, homemade and seasonal and our recipes are tailored and customised to retain authentic French taste but slightly modified to suit Omani population preferences. Some products are the result of a fusion cuisine French Omani: Macaron Omani Halwa, luban ice cream”, Ferga further said.

At Le Petit Paris, recipes are subject to constant updation and are changed from time to time to provide consumers variety and novelty. Also, in order to reach their guests at their homes, catering for events (mini pastries, birthday cakes, pyramid of macarons), and corporate offers are currently available.

“Since our soft opening in last October, the response has been tremendous and we are very happy for the nice feedback since the opening and we are happy to note that many Omanis and expatriates have already fallen in love with our products and breads”.

Le Petit Paris is fuelled by ambitious growth plans which include opening of a kiosk in June in a popular shopping mall where guests will be served with all the same products and services. Also, it has plans to open a terrasse as well as birthday packages in September this year. For the winter season, Le Petit Paris will offer a nice and relax area to enjoy its pastries and other delicacies.

“last but not the least, we have plans to offer pastry classes for the young minds who wish to learn French pastries by the end of the year. Also, Chef Ferga will make a rose macaron next week for the season of rose in Jebel Akhdar”, Shabannah Ferga adds.