Laser dentistry lights up customer smiles at Wassan Specialty

January 2, 2017

MUSCAT – Wassan Specialty Dental Center, Muscat’s award-winning, patient-focused clinic, is leveraging technology and top-flight skills to deliver dental treatments and services that are on the cutting edge of dental practice in the Sultanate.

The combination is proving a bit hit with professionals – particularly customer-facing executives in banks, corporations and upscale hotels – eager to carry the day with their winsome smiles featuring pearly whites waxing bright.

Mindful that a fine set of brilliant teeth are as much an asset that projects self-confidence and aplomb as any other, growing numbers of frontline executives are flocking to Wassan Dental at Al Khuwair to give their pearlies a transformational makeover.

After all, teeth-whitening is all the rage among young go-getters – Omani and expatriate alike – in the Sultanate. Of singular appeal is the clinic’s capability in the application of laser technology to provide a diverse range of dental treatments and services safely, efficiently and painlessly. A marvel of modern technology, lasers have effectively done away with the need for dental drills, syringes, sutures or stitches associated with the era of distressing and painful dental procedures. They are now an integral part of any modern, well-equipped dental practice and resourceful tools in cosmetic, preventative and reparative dentistry.

At Wassan Dental you can enjoys a wide range of applications in dentistry, most notably in gum therapy, aiding wound healing and inflammation, treatment of root canals and retreatment of failed root canals, extraction of impacted and surgical teeth, depigmentation of gums, aesthetic contouring of gums for smile enhancement, treatment of decay, dental fillings, crowns and veneers, and so on.

Patients and customers choose to undergo laser dentistry because the experience is relatively pain-free and comfortable overall.

As an integrated, all-in-one dental practice, Wassan Specialty offers a full complement of specialisations, including Orthodontics (Brackets and Aligners), Prosthodontics (Dental Implants), Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment), Cosmetic Dentistry (Whitening and Veneers) apart from General Dentistry.  All eight dental rooms feature the most modern in dental care treatment facilities.

Indeed, dental care in all its facets has indeed been elevated to an art form at Wassan Dental, not only from the standpoint of aesthetics, but also with regard to hygiene management, patient-focused care, professional and experienced staff, and the relaxed settings that visitors step into at the center’s premises in Al Khuwair Tower (behind Zawawi Mosque).