Jebel Sifah Carnival has a spectacular turnout

March 12, 2013

A trail of cars could be seen driving to Jebel Sifah over the weekend to enjoy the fabulous carnival organised at the Jebel Sifah marina by Muriya Tourism Development.

12 March 2013, Muscat: Jebel Sifah was the venue for a spectacular, one-of-a-kind event over the weekend drawing close to 2500 people. The evening was a total entertainer with shows and activities that kept everyone enthralled complete with music and food.

Game stalls were a hit with all age groups. The varied selection of shows included freestyle dancing by a young Omani group that got everyone’s feet tapping. Other highlights included an Omani rapper, a Latino acrobat show, magic show and the popular clown show that encouraged the children to get on the stage to dance. ‘Pirates of Arabia’ drew a lot of interest and the stilt walkers and clown on a tricycle added to the festive ambience. The kids were further thrilled by two pools– they could enter transparent balls and roll over the water surface of one and the another, had little boats to row.

“The atmosphere was electric, the crowd turnout fantastic and the feedback we have received so far has been very positive. Comments ranged from the event being very well organised to ‘pure fun’ that makes all the work and effort that has gone into organising an event of such magnitude, worthwhile. We look forward to providing a lot more varied programmes in the subsequent carnivals in the coming years with an equally impressive line-up of activities,” said Bahaa Hefzallah, Direction of Marketing, Muriya.

While the event was only until 7:00pm, it continued well after 8:00pm. A lot of the visitors were seen walking around the marina and soaking in the beauty of the destination ‘Jebel Sifah’. The panoramic view of an attractively lit marina, villas and apartments was picture perfect that drew many appreciative looks from the guests, some of who decided to stay back and prolong the festive mood. While some patrons had already booked at the Sifawy Hotel in advance, others decided to extend their stay and the rest of the rooms were also quickly taken resulting in a fully booked hotel. People were seen relaxing and enjoying the last few weeks of good weather before the setting in of summer.

In the recent past, Jebel Sifah has been the hub for varied activities and events. The opening of the marina to boats, diverse water sports on offer and the popularity of the boutique hotel, Sifawy, are some of the features that are already drawing people to this destination. Jebel Sifah is positioned to be a much sought after lifestyle destination and leisure hotspot in the coming years.