Jebel Sifah Carnival coming soon

February 26, 2013

Jebel Sifah Carnival coming soon
Muriya Tourism Development’s destination Jebel Sifah will be the venue for a one-of-a-kind carnival fiesta on March 7 that will host various activities planned for all ages with non-stop fun and games. The event will be an incessant flow of shows and entertainment, heightened by the beautiful outdoor location set against the towering Hajjar Mountains and the marina.

26 February 2013, Muscat: Jebel Sifah is all set to host a spectacular, one-of-a-kind event on March 7 that promises to not only draw people this season but every year thereafter. The carnival fiesta will feature non-stop fun and games, exciting shows and entertainment.

The carnival ground will be spread around the marina of Jebel Sifah. At the entrance to this fair ground will be an information booth to provide visitor and children with a doodle book. This will include the map of the area as well a stamp page, where in the kids get to collect stamps from different activities that can be later exchanged for a gift. The place will be bustling with unicyclist, jugglers, free style dancers and stilt walkers.
Starting 3pm, people will be spoilt for choice with activities such as, mini golf, house of mirror, giant snakes and ladder, jumping castles, game stalls and water ball pool. In addition, there will be clown shows, magic shows, acrobats show with the main highlight being the ‘Pirates of Arabia’ show that will keep the audience spellbound.

“We have planned an event that will be a visual treat and will enthral visitors of any age group. It is pure entertainment, certain to generate a lot of energy and fun, especially for families. We look forward to turning it into an annual event, offering a different and impressive line-up of attractions every year,” said Bahaa Hefzallah, Direction of Marketing, Muriya.

The carnival will be organised around the beautiful marina of Jebel Sifah and will be the perfect time to enjoy good weather before the summer sets in. The entry will be free for all and the food will be reasonably priced so that visitors can sample a wide variety. In the recent past, Jebel Sifah has been the hub for varied activities and events. The opening of the marina to boats, diverse water sports on offer and the popularity of the boutique hotel, Sifawy, are some of the features that are already drawing people to this destination. Jebel Sifah is positioned to be a much sought after lifestyle destination and leisure hotspot in the coming years.