Insta8 partners with Omantel to collaborate on ‘Amazing Happens Together’

September 17, 2017

The right collaboration can empower and that is the focus of the next Insta8 discussion where nano enterprise Insta8 will partner with Omantel for an amazing evening of insights on 21 September at The National Museum in Muscat

17 September 2017, Muscat: Solo performers can shine but ‘Amazing Happens Together’ believes Fahmi Al Abdulsalam, Owner of Eventus who created Insta8 and is partnering with Omantel for the upcoming event session on 21 September at The National Museum.  Insta8 ‘Amazing Happens Together’ event is inspired by the recent Omantel Brand Campaign and aims to throw light on the fact that most experts have come to agree on – that the right kind of collaboration can provide greater accomplishment not just in coming up with out-of-the-box concepts but also in yielding superior results.

The event will have participants from varied fields who believe that you don’t have to do it alone even though you may have the potential. To take things to the next level and make it big, the key word is collaboration. Eight motivators will speak on this topic for 8 minutes in 8 moments addressing topics within the instagram sphere. The informal gathering will provide an opportunity for people to network, share ideas and discuss, exchange stories of working with other people and insights into facts that have never been told before, encourage people to work together to get better results and most important, to follow and get followed.

Hamdan Moosa Al Harassi General Manager, Marketing Communication & Performance at Omantel said: “Omantel is delighted to sponsor Insta8 as part of our ‘Amazing Happens Together’ campaign that is designed to evoke positive emotions and create dialogue with our community by reminding them of the importance of everyday human connections. Insta8 will provide a platform for the online community in Oman to network and exchange creative ideas and foster a collaborative environment. We are confident that participants will have some very valuable lessons to take back with them following the event.”

Among the eight speakers will be Her Highness Basma Al Said, a mental health counsellor at Sultan Qaboos University and the force behind Wispers of Serenity Clinic, Oman’s first mental health clinic that takes a holistic approach to mental wellbeing. She has organized campaigns and events to raise awareness, one of the most prominent being ‘Not Alone’ in which the very first Arabic video on mental health awareness was screened encouraging people to talk about the issue.

Other prominent speakers will include Muhannad Al Adwani, an Omani actor who along with singer Mohammed Al Minji, shot to fame with Omani version of Despacito, a satirical clip that highlights the expectation of high dowries from men in the Sultanate. The video went viral crossing four million views and has also been featured on BBC Trending.

Insta8 being a social media influencer platform, will not be complete without the participation of prominent social media influencers. Jihan Al Obdaini and Ashwak Al Shaqsi are two such personalities who are well known and have an ardent following in Oman. Both are working with an amazing range of products to create a much higher purchase intent through trust and goodwill that they have generated among the members of their network.

To win a seat in the audience, people can participate in an ongoing contest on insta8oman. Just share your story that collaborates the idea that amazing things happen together and attend the event that will memorable.