Healthy Walls for Happy Living

April 23, 2019

Silver ion protection, activated charcoal and pleasant fragrance – for the very first time, all these properties are encapsulated in an amazing product, Royale Atmos Health Shield, recently launched by Asian Paints Berger

23 April 2019, Muscat: Asian Paints Berger has introduced a unique product that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also acts as a health shield. Now available in the Oman market, Royale Atmos Health Shield is a pioneer in its field with silver ion technology that kills 99 per cent germs for a generation that is increasingly spending more time indoors. 

The latest technology used in Royale Atmos absorbs airborne bacteria creating an infection-free home within two hours. Proven to be effective on a wide range of microbes, silver ion ensures no harmful chemicals are released and is tested safe for residents.

In addition, the new product also contains activated charcoal – the first in any paint product. This substantially neutralises malodours such as smells from cooking, cigarette smoke, sweat, pets, mould and mildew for up to six months. Additionally, indoor materials such as wooden substrates, carpets, cooking gas, adhesives, household cleaners etc. release formaldehyde, a colourless gas that in increased levels can lead to various neurological and respiratory complications. Royale Atmos Health Shield neutralises indoor pollutants like formaldehyde by 80 per cent within 24 hours of painting thus refreshing the indoor air.  

If the health benefits were not enough, Royal Atmos is the first product by Asian Paints with an encapsulated fragrance that does not cause any discomfort after painting. On the contrary, it acts like an air freshener for weeks after painting. This ensures that a family can return to their homes safety even after immediate painting of their homes. The product also comes with spatter free technology that minimises paint spatter on furniture and surroundings leading to a hassle-free experience.  

Available in 1800 plus shades in rich matt finish, Royale Atmos Health Shield fortifies the walls against the toughest household and water-based stains, increases durability and reinforces the strength of the paint film.

“Asian Paints Berger has always looked at raising the bar and with this revolutionary product, it settles for nothing best in protection and perfection for indoor living spaces,” stated Mr. Joseph Pulikottil, General Manager of Asian Paints Middle East. 

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