February 20, 2018

An established and well-known brand in India, Girnar tea will now be available in Oman offering instant premix packs along with its teabag and loose tea collection in varied flavours

18 February 2018, Muscat: A well-established brand in India, Girnar tea is now making inroads in the Oman market with its innovative range of brew crafted by master blenders. The official launch in the country was marked by the presence of Sachin Bhansali, Director – Girnar Food & Beverage Pvt Ltd. who announced the range that has been introduced in the market. Barakat Muscat International is the sole distributors for Girnar tea in Oman. Within a short period, Barakat Muscat International has established itself as a strong distributor in the country that also includes brands such as Arco (confectionary), Forsan (cheese) and Organic India. It is also the force behind the up and coming Shukran hypermarket in Ansab and Ghala.

Over the years, tea has become one of the world’s most popular drinks and has made significant advances to incorporate a range of varieties and flavours to suit diverse palates. Girnar’s tea line in Oman will offer connoisseurs a variety of blends that would include instant premixes, teabags as well as loose tea and detox kahwa.

Girnar premixes are convenient and handy for those who want to grab a good cup of tea on the go. A ready combination of tea, milk, sugar and spice, this convenient single-serve sachet instantly dissolves in hot water for a refreshing taste of goodness of real brewed tea that is 100 per cent natural. The premixes will be available in cardamom, ginger and masala blends. On the other hand, the teabag collection would incorporate karak, masala, green tea and cardamom while Girnar Royal, karak and masala will be available as loose tea for those who like to make their tea the traditional way.

One of the bestsellers, Girnar Detox Kahwa does not only help to detox, as the name itself suggests, but also has numerous health benefits. It is especially good for seasonal cough and cold, as well as relieves the discomfort of bloated stomach. It comprises of green tea, select spices and herbs such as black pepper, ginger, tulsi, asafoetida, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and rock salt.

“The selection of the varieties that will be launched in Oman has been made after understanding the tastes and preferences of those living in the region,” stated Araj Mohandas, CEO – Barakat Muscat International. Subsequently, in the coming months more varieties of premix and green tea will be incorporated to reach a wider audience.

One of the top five tea exporters of the world, Girnar tea is sourced from the world’s finest tea plantations in India and Sri Lanka. It is processed and packaged in the state-of-the-art plants in Gujarat and Ceylon to ensure that each cup of the tea is consistently good in flavour and quality.

Girnar would be available at leading supermarkets such as Lulu, Spar, Noor and Shukran along with Royal Dan and Al Maya in the capital and Batinah region. In Salalah, it will be retailed through Lulu, Al Bahja, Salalah Mall and Salim Khatan outlets.

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