Changing the face of retailing paints: Berger Paints takes the lead

July 2, 2017

Colour World, Berger Paints’ concept stores, appeal to customers not just with its spacious and well displayed selection of colours, textures and themes but takes it a step further where customers can order a colour to be created to match just about anything

2 July 2017, Muscat: Colour creates a powerful emotional and visual stimulus. That is why there is a plethora of paint options for the interior as well as exterior in the market. While it is important how colours and finishes are displayed to reach out to the sensibilities of the customers, it is equally important to devise new concepts and ideas to take the lead. Berger Paints is changing the concept of how to retail paints by introducing Colour World. Customers can walk into the state-of-the-art showrooms, choose from the existing shades and textures, touch and feel the effects or order a colour to be created to match just about anything they want! Now, each home can actually be unique – all it needs is for someone to get creative and start exploring the myriad of options Colour World has opened up.

“The Barka outlet was the first transitional step for Berger Paints from a traditional store to a modern retail format. This is now being recreated across 120 plus retail outlets in Oman that will be completed in phases over the next three years,” stated Mr. P.K. Raj, General Manager – Oman. In the next three years, all Berger Paints retail outlets are expected to maintain the same uniformity across the GCC.

Each showroom will have uncluttered, dedicated space for panels that will be visually appealing and can be touched to experience various textures in addition to a dedicated shop consultant who will understand and advice customers as per their requirements. These consultants will be regularly trained by the company by an internal team so they are well versed with the products and current trends; as well by an external team that will train them on how to take care of the customers, respond to queries and ensure attractive shop displays. The new outlet will be a journey where a consumer will be taken through all the phases of paints and finishes.

Other than five retail outlets in Muscat alone by the end of the year, Berger Paints would have installed state-of-the-art showrooms in Adam, Barka, Ibri, Izki, Mabela, Nizwa, Salalah, Sohar, Sur and Shinaz ensuring a strong presence in the interiors. In addition, every year, there would be digital elements that will be incorporated to showcase the ever increasing range of products even better that will also include interactive point of sales.