Berger Paints highlights Arabia’s splendour in a unique social awareness campaign

November 30, 2016

The latest campaign by Berger Paints celebrates the beauty as well as the unique culture and heritage of the region. At the same time, ‘Colours of Arabia’ is also a CSR initiative with a touching social message

29 November 2016, Muscat: ‘Colours of Arabia’ is a unique CSR campaign by Berger Paints that cuts across boundaries and puts the spotlight on the beauty of the region as well as relationships. More so, it has been launched to coincide with UN declaring 2016 as the year for ‘Travel for All – Improving Universal Accessibility’.

The narrative of the campaign captures the beautiful relationship between a grandfather and his visually impaired grand-daughter as he tries to decipher colours for her through emotions she can experience and comprehend. He relates colours to strength, warmth, familial love, infinity, ruggedness… aspects that the girl can identify with and hence, sense colour than see them.

The 12 short films capture the journey of the two across the Middle East, each featuring a distinct landmark and geographical landscapes ranging through deserts, wadis, creeks and beaches.

“Berger Paints is all about colours and our latest campaign is an amalgamation of hues and emotions woven with the culture, traditions and timeless landscape of the Middle Eastern world. The social message is subtle yet powerful and each webisode has more than one story that is sure to reach out and reach out to build a link between the people of this beautiful land and its heritage,” explains Mr. P.K. Raj, General Manager – Oman.

Berger Paints connected and identified with this concept as it explores dimensions beyond colours. That is exactly what the company has tried to build over the years. Other than presenting an extensive palette to its audience, the brand has presented textures and finishes beyond the expectations of consumers, at the same time staying true to environment and socially committed.