Al-Shomoukh Nursery “Goes Pink”

October 28, 2015
What better way to bring attention to a special cause than to highlight it with a splash-splish of pink color and to involve a group of highly enthusiastic children?
In honor of the international breast cancer awareness month, Al-Shomoukh children went pink on Thursday, October 22, 2015. Students and teachers arrived at the nursery dressed up all in pink. The nursery wanted to raise awareness and raise funds for special cause. All donations received will be donated to the Oman Cancer Center.
On that day, the nursery staff and children carried out activities around pink day such as painting the pink ribbon, cooking pink biscuits, and preparing pink souvenirs.
The children also participated in a walk-a-thon around the nursery premises, holding a big pink ribbon to raise awareness and support the pink campaign.
Al-Shomoukh director, Meriam Sabra said, “We believe education is an adventure and the learning experience needs to be fun and related to real-life experience. The nursery wanted to raise awareness and take part in the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Truly, it was an enriching experience for the students.
Al- Shomoukh Nursery has been committed to quality early childhood education program which inspires children to create, discover, and achieve.
It is a place where families feel confident that their children are getting adequate child care to foster the development of the whole child. Its mission statement is to provide opportunities for children to discover and explore in order to lead and become global learners.
The nursery has announced that there are still limited openings for  its upcoming 2015/2016 Term 2 in January for children. Call at 24600610/24600886 for more information or to schedule a tour.