Al Naba charts roadmap for 2015 at grand get-together

January 14, 2015

MUSCAT – Al Naba Holding LLC rang in the New Year with a grand event showcasing strategies and initiatives designed to sustain growth across all facets of its well-diversified business portfolio over the course of 2015.

The reception was conceived in keeping with the Group’s time-honoured tradition of inaugurating each new year with a celebratory get-together toasting a successful year gone by, while ushering in a new year filled with opportunity and promise.

Also on the occasion, a number of long-serving employees of the Group were feted on the completion of 25 years and 10 years of service. The tradition of felicitating long-service staff at New Year get-togethers underscores the value and importance accorded by the Group to its human capital.

Commenting on the get-together, the Group Chairman – Sayyid Khalid bin Hamed bin Saif Al Busaidi said: “This inaugural event, coinciding with the start of the New Year, is an opportunity for us at the decision-making and management levels of the Group to review our past performance while recommitting ourselves to the achievement of new objectives and goals during the current year. It is also an opportunity to applaud our long-serving staff who, along with the rest of the 9,000 Al Naba family, represent the lifeblood of our Group. We look forward to 2015 with great positivity and promise.”

But the New Year event is also about corporate strategy and business growth – themes designed to set the Group’s companies firmly on a path to success for another year. Helping kick off the formal part of the evening was the screening of the Group’s new corporate video. Slickly produced to capture the new dynamism driving its growth, the video provides a fascinating snapshot of the remarkable strides made by the Group in developing its business portfolio, expanding its market footprint, and achieving new benchmarks in its service delivery.

Later, company executives took turns to offer their appraisals of the many highs that characterized Al Naba Group’s performance during 2014 – a year commemorating three decades of successful operations in the service of the Omani nation.

A key highpoint of 2014 was the launch of the Group’s own headquarters in the Ghala Heights area of Muscat. The spacious, state-of-the-art facility, designed and constructed to international standards by group company Al Nab’a Infrastructure, stands as a proud showcase of Al Naba’s formidable capabilities.

Sustained growth during the year also helped elevate Al Naba Group into the ranks of Oman’s Top 10 corporate brands with over 9,000 employees and a geographical footprint spanning not only the length and breadth of the Sultanate, but extending into the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well.

As the grand reception wound down, senior management executives deliberated on the company’s business strategy for 201 5 – a document that provides a comprehensive and clear-cut roadmap for achieving another year of growth. With the Board Members of the Group in attendance, the executives pledged to double efforts and work in concert to help achieve these new goals for the year.