Al Jarwani Hospitality launches modern kitchen facility to serve corporate and commercial hospitality needs

March 2, 2016

DSC_7257The Al Jarwani Hospitality Division, a member of the prestigious Al Jarwani Group, launched the newest addition to its services, a full-fledged, state of the art modern kitchen facility to serve the commercial, corporate and industrial hospitality needs of the Sultanate on the 2nd of March, 2016, at the Gala Industrial Area. Inaugurated under the patronage of His Excellency Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrizi, the Minister of Tourism, in the presence of Mr. Mahmood Mohamed Ali Al Jarwani, the Chairman of the Al Jarwani Group, the new facility promises to deliver the highest
quality of food and foodproducts to cater to the rapidly burgeoning hospitality sector in the country in the face of competition from new and emerging market players. Aimed to expedite over the company’s catering verticals, namely Yummi-Yummi Catering and Hospitality, The Catering Partner, MJ Foods Production, and Le Praline, whilst also extending to Al Jarwani Hospitality’s other service verticals of The Laundry
DSC_7238Partner, Spotless Cleaning, The Logistics Partner, and AJH Hotel Management to meet their catering requirements, the launch of the facility comes following the group’s promise to become the leading hospitality partner in Oman through the provision of inspired and innovative logistics and solutions to cater to the country’s mass consumer belt. ‘The new facility is set to become another feather in the cap of Al Jarwani Hospitality” said Mr. Gerald Fonseka, the General Manager for Al Jarwani Hospitality. ‘Alongside its enhanced and international standard catering facilities, we are looking to offer all encompassing, complete solutions for the hospitality sector that will go beyond catering to enter the realm of laundry, housekeeping, hotel management and logistics.’ Whilst the new kitchen is geared at producing the highest quality produce ranging from canapés and elaborate main courses to oriental sweets, patisserie, and chocolate, the motto underpinning all of Al Jarwani Hospitality’s services is being connected to its customers 24/7.
DSC_7377‘Our main aim is to become a mobile unit, a hospitality company that can take its services from household to household to render all services as per the requirements of our customers’, continued Mr. Fonseka. ‘With our 24/7 toll free number, our new mobile application for iOS and Android, and increased presence on social media, we hope to make this goal of ours become a reality very soon. Moreover we are looking
to further our corporate social responsibilities as being part of the Environmental Society.’
Indeed, in becoming the leading hospitality partner in the country, Al Jarwani Hospitality’s commitment to excellence is derived from the company’s passion to provide the best services to all its clientele, regardless of the diversity of their needs. ‘Our commitment to excellence at every step ensures that our innovations create systems to improve product quality and guarantee complete satisfaction’, commented
Mr.Majid Mahmood Mohamed Ali Al Jarwani, the Director. ‘Our Quality Management System is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to guarantee compliance with international standards at all times.’
DSC_7335Al Jarwani Hospitality has been a prominent contributor to the Sultanate’s commercial, warehouse, residential, health care and hospitality sector’s growth in the recent past and is backed by its skilled and nationally trained workforce to provide innovation and creativity at every juncture. The company’s catering verticals employ specialist Chefs to create cuisines ranging from authentic Omani to the oriental Far
East with the highest level of quality, taste and service for every type of event, banquet or industrial/mass requirement, whilst The Laundry Partner and Spotless Cleaning are the country’s first laundry and housekeeping servicing verticals to update consumers on the status of their requirements via e-mails and SMS. Moreover, the company is looking to enhance its in-country value with an increased annual rate of Omanization, sourcing of local produce, and embarking on corporate social responsibility drives that will translate into benefits for local communities, the society, and the ecosystems surrounding all Al Jarwani facilities.